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    Supplementation:  Why Bother?


Top 10 Reasons To Consider Supplementation:

  1. An adequate daily intake of all those items will lead to improved health, increased energy, and greater resistance to common ailments.
  2. The average person has difficulty choosing foods which might give the right balance and quantity of nutrients that we need
  3. Most people choose foods for their taste, not their nutritional value
  4. Even if you are a nutrionist and you carefully select your foods according to nutritional tables, soil depletion and over-processing of foods resulted in decreased nutritional value of our food supply. A recent article pointed out that if you enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables, you would have been better doing your shopping in 1955 rather than this year because most natural foods today contain only about 50% of the nutrients they should have
  5. Because of the depletion of soils, and thu the lessening in quality of food, it has become very difficult to sustain the mineral, vitamin and protein needs in most people through diet alone
  6. Our lifestyle is contributing to our nutritional decline. On the whole, we eat far fewer graing products and far too many nutritionally bankrupt foods like refined carbohydrates
  7. Eating on the run, eating outside the home frequently, or skipping meals can all lead to compromised nutritional status, which is the first step in a chain reaction of declining health
  8. High stress is another Western lifestyle factor that leads to vitamin and mineral depletion. To make matters worse, a heavy intake of starches, alcohol, and some prescription drugs (all methods coping with stress) can increase urinary excretion of vital minerals
  9. It is very convenient to take nutritional supplements to meet our needs when we aren't getting our requirements from our diets
  10. Protection against free radical damage - we need a good supply of antioxidant nutrients to protect our cells from damage caused by unstable molecules in our bodies called free radicals

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Paw Paw is a unique, patent-pending product that targets specific cells to enhance the overall health of your body

Paw Paw works directly on the production of ATP in the cell mitochondrea and regulates the production of blood vessels that nourish specific cells  More Info...

Dr. Jerry McLaughlin Has Experienced Amazing Results in All 7 of His Clinical Trials Using PAW PAW Available for Your Viewing:



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